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Terms and conditions

• All confirmed bookings are bound by HTEurope terms and conditions.

• Every horse needs a valid passport, if not the horse will be refused for transport.

• All horses/animals transported by HTEurope are under the full responsibility of the owner, the owner is liable for all costs incurred during transport including veterinary costs and damage to the vehicle.

Claims has to be on paper within 7 days after the transport date in our pocession.
When we didn’t receive any claim within those 7 days  we can expect that the transport was done correct and satisfied.
Any Claims after 7 days has no legal basis.

• If it is deemed necessary for a veterinary surgeon to be called in and the owner is not contactable HTEurope will call the veterinary surgeon and the owner will be responsible for the full costs including emergency stabling and related charges.

HTEurope advise that separate insurance cover is taken out by the owner for the duration of the journey.

• Whilst HTEurope and its employees take every care whilst handling and transporting your horse/animal in the event of an accident, injury or damage to the vehicle or injury to yourself, the owner of the horse/animal is fully responsible and liable for any costs incurred including repairs to the vehicle.

• 1 hour loading time is included in collecting your horse/animals, there is a charge of €17,50 for every 30 minutes thereafter. If it is deemed unsafe or the horse/animal is unable to be loaded you will be charged 50% of the travel costs billed.

HTEurope reserve the right not to travel a horse/animal or terminate the journey if it is deemed a danger to itself or HTEurope staff, if the horse/animal has to be left at alternative stabling all costs are to be covered in full by the owner and 50-100% of the transport cost will be chargeable including stabling, damages and any veterinary fee’s. The transport will also be cancelled by HTEUROPE If the owner is neglative in having the transport documents that are necessary for transport. The owner will be charged for 100% .
Cancellation is not possible by the owner in above mentioned cases. Within 7 days of transport.

HTEurope will allow a small amount of equipment to travel with the horse/animal, if a large amount is to be transported we will arrange an additional price.  HTEurope recommends that all equipment is covered by an insurer and is entirely at the owners risk.

HTEurope will provide a quote in relation to the information given by the customer, if any details change which may incur extra charges this will be charged to the customer. All invoices are to be paid via bank transfer 24 hours prior to collection of the horse/animals being collected or cash on delivery of the horse/animal. Cancellations is possible against  Euro 125,00 ex VAT . Within 24hrs of collection will incur a 50% charge and within 12hrs of collection 100% charge unless due to illness or injury and the transport is to be re arranged to a further date.

This Terms and Conditions are under Dutch Law.